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Learn how medical technology innovation brings jobs and health to our economy

America’s medical technology industry leads the world, providing quality jobs and economic strength to families, communities and our economy. In the face of growing international competition, we can preserve and strengthen our success through policies and regulations that value improvement and continued progress through innovation.


Two-thirds of companies in the survey said that they have decided to slow or halt U.S. job creation as a result of the tax.
January 2015

To provide information on the actual - as opposed to hypothetical - impact of the tax, AdvaMed conducted an electronic survey of its members regarding the first-year impact of the tax in late 2013. AdvaMed repeated the survey at the end of 2014. The responses to the survey were generalized to the industry as a whole based on the ratio of revenues of the responding companies to revenues of the overall industry. Respondents accounted for 49 percent of total industry revenues. Click to download>>

New investment is required if the clinical value of past scientific discoveries and opportunities to improve care are to be fully realized.
January 2015

Medical research is a prerequisite of clinical advances, while health service research supports improved delivery, access, and cost. Few previous analyses have compared the United States with other developed countries. Click to download>>

Engage with AdvaMed and make the most of your membership by hosting a Life Changing Innovation event at your company.
October 2014

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“Differentiating differently,” focuses on an additional risk that has emerged: the commoditization of many medtech product segments.
October 2014

Medtech companies’ strategies will need to account for an additional risk emerging from a confluence of trends: the threat of commoditization in many product segments. How to address this challenge is a central theme of this year’s Pulse report.  click to download>>

For the last 20 years, medtech has accounted for just 6 cents of each health dollar.
October 2014

This presentation provides an overview of value facts across medtech industry sectors. Click to download>>

Medical technology saves lives, improves patient outcomes and helps lower the overall cost of health care.
September 2014

Our new brochure helps communicate how AdvaMed’s Life Changing Innovation campaign educates key audiences on the importance of advanced medical devices and diagnostics to patients, the health care system and the economy. click to download>>