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Learn how medical technology saves and improves lives, delivers value and savings, and creates good paying jobs

Medica technology saves lives, improves patient outcomes and helps lower the overall cost of health care. It is also one of America's strongest and fastest-growing manufacturing sectors, creating and producing medical innovations for use around the world—and providing good-paying jobs across the country.
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“It is time to join forces of the public and private sectors in new ways to sustain and enhance the nation’s medical innovation ecosystem.”
June 2010

A call to promote medical innovation, create jobs, and find cures in America. Click here to download >>

"The medical technology industry has significant impacts on the economy of the United States and on the respective states in which MTI establishments operate."
June 2010

Report of medical technology industry’s economic contributions nationally and within each individual state and the District of Columbia. Click here to download >>

"Today, the convergence of several trends and sweeping reforms is placing tremendous strain on medtech’s long-standing business model."
January 2010

An analysis of how trends in innovation, financing and health care policy are re-defining a health outcomes ecosystem in which medical technology exists. Click here to download >>