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Learn how medical technology saves and improves lives, delivers value and savings, and creates good paying jobs

Medica technology saves lives, improves patient outcomes and helps lower the overall cost of health care. It is also one of America's strongest and fastest-growing manufacturing sectors, creating and producing medical innovations for use around the world—and providing good-paying jobs across the country.
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This study provides further evidence of the incredible value medical technology provides to patients and the overall health care system.
June 2014

Medical technology prices continue their trend of consistently low growth, increasing at approximately one-third the rate of prices in the overall economy and one-fifth the rate of prices for other medical goods and services over a 23-year period, acording to an updated study released today by the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed). Click to download>>

Top 10 cities for med tech jobs with the highest salaries
June 2014

How do the top medtech hubs rank when it comes to engineering salaries? Qmed has analyzed each of the top hubs and ranked them on average salary—specifically for mechanical engineers in the medical device field and with 10 years of experience. We sorted the results from lowest to highest paying cities using data from We also provide information on the cost of living index in each of the hubs. Click to download>>


The value of medical technology in preventing and treating stroke
May 2014

The following social media posts for Twitter and Facebook emphasize the importance of medical technology in the treatment and prevention of stroke. Click to download>>

26 Million Americans are thought to have diabetes.
March 2014

A graphical representation of the societal impacts of diabetes and innovations in treatment options. Click to download>>


Advances in medical devices and diagnostics allow people to live healthier, more productive lives.
March 2014

Medical technology has revolutionized the treatment and care of patients while decreasing overall health system costs and creating jobs. Learn how in this new video.

In recent years, medical technology has revolutionized the ways in which people are screened for and live with diabetes.
March 2014

Diabetes is a group of diseases characterized by high blood glucose, or blood sugar, caused when the body either does not produce enough insulin or is unable to use insulin in an effective way. When not controlled, the high level of glucose can lead to serious health complications, including death. click to do wnload >>