Heart Valve Replacement Procedure Keeps Mick Jagger on a Roll

The heart of rock and roll is still beating: Mick Jagger – lead man of the Rolling Stones – has successfully undergone non-invasive heart valve replacement surgery and is recovering in great health.

In fact, the 75-year-old musician expects to return to the tour stage this summer. Just a few years ago, such a quick return would have been unthinkable.

Hair-Saving Technology Helps Wendy Feel Like a Person, Not a Patient

Hair loss can be devastating for patients. It is a constant, visual reminder of their disease and its impact.

Wendy Siminski, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy to treat breast cancer, is determined to keep her hair from cancer’s clutches. Thanks to an innovative scalp cooling system, she’s maintained close to 80 percent of her natural hair. And thanks to medtech diagnostics, imaging equipment, surgical solutions and treatment delivery vehicles, she’s fought cancer for the last five months.

Medtech Helps Identify Heart Attacks Before They Even Happen

When Ed Covert stopped by the nurse’s station at work, he was hoping to get some extra-strength cold medication or a decongestant. “I was having the full feeling in my chest, like when you’ve got a chest cold,” he said. “I was coughing a lot, trying to break the stuffy feeling.”

Little did Ed know, his cold-like symptoms pointed to a much scarier reality: Ed had already suffered two massive heart attacks, and he was heading for a third.

The Medtech Treatments Saving Hospitals' Tiniest Patients

Preemie babies – some of whom, like Marcellus Brown, weigh as little as 3 pounds – require cautious, delicate care. Often, these babies are too small and vulnerable to undergo surgeries they desperately need. That’s why the medical technology community has dedicated entire workstreams to delivering downsized treatment alternatives to traditional surgery and corresponding nano-technology specialized for the tiniest patients.

Married by Medtech: Natalie’s and James’ Story

A successful blind date is all about finding common ground: a favorite food, a beloved band, or a shared hobby. For Natalie and James, medtech was the missing link.