Bouncing Back from Chronic Back Pain: Skip’s Story

Skip’s chronic back and hip pain was so intense, he couldn’t sit still long enough to play a song on his guitar. He couldn’t lift his camera. He couldn’t hold his wife in his arms at night. On his doctors’ 0-10 pain intensity scales, Skip described his pain as a 10+.

“I was immobile,” said Skip. “I couldn’t do anything.”

Breakthrough Heart Surgery Keeps Whit From Missing a Beat

69-year-old Whit was enjoying a night out with his wife when he suddenly collapsed. An ambulance rushed him to the emergency room, where doctors discovered severe narrowing in his heart’s aortic valve. The narrowing – a condition called aortic stenosis – was restricting adequate blood flow from Whit’s heart to the rest of his body. Doctors knew that if left untreated, Whit could die.

Streamlining Surgical Success: Ann Dine's Story

Collaboration is a key driver of health care progress. In the medical technology community, innovators often work with doctors, nurses and other health care providers to identify challenges in the health care system and deliver innovations to solve them.

As a product manager at an innovative medtech company, Ann Dine is quite familiar with health care’s collaborative process. During a month-long stint as a patient in a post-operative setting, her role in the process became much more personal.

Intelligent Diagnostic Rescues Local Firefighter: Dennis’ Story

Firefighters must be prepared for anything. They run and climb stairs in extreme, fiery heat loaded down with hundreds of pounds of safety gear and tools. One of the most important tools a firefighter carries is a heathy heart, one that can withstand and perform in the face of such harsh conditions.

Heart Valve Replacement Procedure Keeps Mick Jagger on a Roll

When the Rolling Stones entered the music scene in 1962, non-invasive heart valve replacement surgery didn’t even exist. Today, thanks to rapid advancements in medical technology, doctors have an increasing arsenal of safe and effective procedures to repair and replace heart valves.