A Rare Diagnostic Discovery Saves This Baby’s Life

Fever and diarrhea aren’t exactly unusual in infants. Often, these symptoms are simply evidence of newborns adjusting to the word outside the womb. But for baby Luke,* these symptoms were the sign of a much more serious health issue: Salmonella.

Baby Luke wasn’t sleeping. He was irritable and lethargic. He refused to eat. When his parents held him, he railed against the lightest touch – his neck and head were tender and painful. At first, his parents figured they were dealing with a colic-y baby. But when they had trouble awakening Luke from sleep, they knew something was wrong.

Seeing Anew with Artificial Vision: Richard’s Story

It was 3 a.m. in Los Angeles, California. Richard McDonald was drifting between sleep and wakefulness when he heard these words on his radio: “If you once had vision but are now blind and would like to participate in the first clinical trial for a brain implant…”

At first, he thought he was dreaming. Then, he decided he had to act.

Now, Richard is one of just six people living with artificial vision as part of a revolutionary FDA clinical trial for an innovative medical technology to treat blindness.

Stopping Pain at the Source: Alicia’s Story

When Alicia Cintron arrived at Saint Mary’s Hospital for a pre-surgical consultation, she was nervous. She had recently been diagnosed with colon cancer, and she knew that the next few months would be difficult. But the thing she was most nervous about wasn’t the cancer, the tumor or even the surgery – she was most nervous about the possibility of using prescription opioids.

“I had enough to worry about and be scared about having a tumor and having cancer and having to go through chemo, so I didn’t want to have something else to worry about,” she said.

Bouncing Back from Chronic Back Pain: Skip’s Story

Skip’s chronic back and hip pain was so intense, he couldn’t sit still long enough to play a song on his guitar. He couldn’t lift his camera. He couldn’t hold his wife in his arms at night. On his doctors’ 0-10 pain intensity scales, Skip described his pain as a 10+.

“I was immobile,” said Skip. “I couldn’t do anything.”

Breakthrough Heart Surgery Keeps Whit From Missing a Beat

69-year-old Whit was enjoying a night out with his wife when he suddenly collapsed. An ambulance rushed him to the emergency room, where doctors discovered severe narrowing in his heart’s aortic valve. The narrowing – a condition called aortic stenosis – was restricting adequate blood flow from Whit’s heart to the rest of his body. Doctors knew that if left untreated, Whit could die.