Summit On Balanced Pain Management Urges Interdisciplinary Approach


December 6, 2018

Before Justin Minyard was keynote speaker at this week’s fifth annual National Summit on Balanced Pain Management in Washington, DC, he was a respondent at the Pentagon on September 11.  A high-level interrogator serving the United States Army during tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.  And a prime example of why comprehensive, integrative pain management is critical.

A retired master sergeant, Minyard sustained multiple injuries during his deployments.  But only after six surgeries and a life-threatening addiction to prescription pain medication did Minyard find the balanced approach to pain that he needed.

With the help of a team of physicians and an implanted spinal device that electronically blocks pain signals, Minyard is back to being the father and husband he wants to be.  “I’m in control of my pain instead of the pain controlling me,” Minyard emphasized, “I’m empowered.”

His theme of empowerment ran throughout the day’s summit, which drew policymakers, academicians, health care providers, patients, and nonprofit leaders. Continue reading.

 *This post was originally published by the Institute for Patient Access. Click here to view the whole post.

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