Quality of Life

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As a professional classical musician, Kristen Linfante’s career has always posed challenges. But she never imagined one of those challenges would stem from a debilitating nervous system disorder.


Herb’s doctors had determined that the porcine mitral valve in his heart – inserted in 2001 after he survived a heart attack – was failing. They warned him that another open-heart surgery would have about a one in six chance of killing him. Fortunately, this new medtech solution would allow Herb to get the treatment he needed with just a single minimally invasive surgery. 

Medical Technology Saves and Improves Lives

Medical technology is used at different points along the disease continuum and provides earlier diagnosis, improved surgical methods, and innovations in disease management.

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She saw the potential to improve outcomes for her patients.

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The moment my doctor turned on the DBS system is a day I will never forget.

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Julia Foster had been plagued with constant debilitating sinus infections for more than 20 years. A professional opera singer, her congestion and sinus pressure was threatening her career. This innovative medtech gave her relief and saved her song.

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When John's enlarged prostate started to cause bothersome urinary symptoms, he saw Dr. Douglas Grier of Sound Urological Associates in Edmonds, Washington, who treated him with a novel medical technology that has changed – and significantly improved – his quality of life.

Quality of Life - Wound Care

The medical technology industry is continually advancing and developing new innovations that improve the health and well-being of patients worldwide.