Neurological Disease


“I felt like I was losing my mind.” At 26, Kimberly Bari was experiencing seizures on a daily basis. Prescribing everything from anti-epileptic medications to brain surgery, doctors worked tirelessly to identify a solution. They eventually found the solution they had been looking for in medtech. 


Emily was suffering up to 200 seizures a day until an experimental medical device – compared to a pacemaker for the brain – gave her much needed relief. Now, the device is FDA approved to dramatically reduce epileptic seizures, in some patients up to 90 percent. Hear Emily’s story and learn how innovative medical technology is improving her quality of life.


When professional violinist Roger Frish noticed a tiny but uncontrollable shake in his bow hand, he was devastated. Fortunately, doctors pinpointed a unique medtech solution.

Photo of Kelly

After suffering the debilitating side effects of an essential tremor for years, a novel medical device helps Kelly reclaim her life and work.